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Suco de beterraba, cenoura e laranja
30 Nov 2018 2 years ago

Beets, Carrots And Orange

Everyday my grandma used to make a different  juice, and the beets, carrots and orange juice is still my favorite one, especially on hot days.

She would add Barbados Cherry to hers. You can add it too and it tastes delicious!

It’s super easy and simple to make. You’ll only need:

1 large beet

2 large oranges

2 large carrots

Ginger to taste

Mint leaves to taste

Cold water

ingredientes suco de laranja cenoura e beterraba        suco de beterraba, cenoura e laranja

Before you start the preparation of your juice, wash your vegetables and fruits very well and peel them.

First blend the beets, carrots and oranges with water, until everything is crushed, then add the mint leaves and pieces of ginger. Blend it again and well.

It’s up to you, to use a strainer or not. Best served cold.


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