A little bit more about me

29 Nov 2018 2 years ago

Know about this blog

Hello readers,

Here’s to my long short story.

My grandma used to cook the most delicious food on Earth.

Everything was simple, but the taste of her food was always amazing.

Since she was a cooker, I grew up helping her in the kitchen, and that’s where the passion came from.

The difference from then and now, is that I don’t use products with animal origin when preparing my meals.

I was a vegetarian for 2 years, and since last January, I’ve been trying the adapt to veganism. I confess it hasn’t been any easy, however I’ve been learning a lot.

No food can be better than the one we make at home, and I want to share with you guys here in this blog, mine and hers recipes, new experiments, ideas, tips, products, trips and more.

I hope you enjoy!

With Love,


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